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who Command

who - Displays who is logged on to the system .Linux / Unix system is concurrently used by the muliple user and we might be interested in knowing the people who are also using the system like you .

Example 1 - Basic Example

Run the who command without any option to see user logged in to the system ..


Example 2 Displying Column Header ( -H ) option

we get the cluttering display when we invoke who command , to display the who command output in more proper format with header use -H ( Header ) and -u . Run below command with -Hu option and see the result .

   who -Hu    

Example 3

One of tthe users shown in the first column is obviously the user who invoked the who command . To know that specifocally , use the argument am and i with who .

   who am i   

Example 4 - Getting count of users logged in to the machine

The -q option , prints the total count of users currently logged in to the system along with their usernames .

  who -q  
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