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tput Command

tput command when used with clear option , clears the screen . All UNIX / Linux system offers the tput command to clear the screen . This is something we would often like to do to avoid getting distracted by output or error messages of previous commands. However when we uss tput as it is ( i.e. without any additional option ) this what UNIX say :

   $ tput 
   usage: tput  [ -T [term]] capname  [ param argument... ]
   OR:    tput  -S <<  

This message makes little sense to a beginner , so we won't attempt to interpret it right now. However , one thing is obvious ; tput requires additional input to work properly .To make tput work , follow tput with the word clear :

1. Basic Example -

The following command clears the screen and prompt the command and cursor are positioned at the top left corner .

   tput clear                   --------------------- clear is an argument to tput 

Some systems support clear command , like in Linux above operation can be done by invoking clear command without any options or arguments

The additional word used with tput isn't a command , but is referred to as an argument . Here , clear is an argument to tput , and the fact that tput refused to work alone indicates that it always require an argument . And, if clear is one argument , there could be others .
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