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ps Command

ps - command is used to view or display the processes running at your terminal . To view all processes that you are responsible for creating, runt the ps command . By deafult , ps displays the processes owned by the user running the command .

Example 1 - Basic Example

Run below ps command to see the processes owned by you on a terminal


Example 2 - displaying full listing showing the ppid of each process ( -f ) option

Run ps command with -f option which displays full listing about process along with its PPID .

   ps -f  

Example 3 - ( -e or - A ) option Displays all processes including user and system .

   ps -e or
   ps -A   

Example 4 - Finding processes owned by users ( -u ) option

-u option of ps command display the processes owned by particular user on a terminal . Below command finds the processes owned by the user mohan

  ps -u mohan  
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