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history & fc Command

The history and fc- command displays the history list showing the event number of every previously executeed command . Lets see some examples of history and fc command

command - history

Example 1 -

Run the history command without any options and arguments and see the result on your terminal . By default history command dispalys around 16 previously run commands .


Example 2 -

We can get more than default history command output on your terminal . If we want to see last 50 commands that we have run on our terminal then run history command with -n option along with the number . Here is the command to dispaly last 50 commands run on our terminal .

   history -n 50    

command - fc

Example 1 -

fc command works in same as that of history , the command displays the last 16 command run on your terminal when invoked without any options and arguments .
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